Slots: For or Against?

I am for slots if, and only if they benefit the black community, if blacks will have ownership of some slot outlets, and if education is the actual primary target of slots proceeds. Anything less is unacceptable. We have watched the state lottery for three decades do absolutely little or nothing for Baltimore City Public Schools.


One Response to “Slots: For or Against?”

  1. Haki Ammi here: If some of you missed tonight’s slots meeting, it was
    educational. I would like to know for those that are against slots as I
    am – what is going to be the alternative? In terms of analysis for
    Employment of the majority of Black people in Baltimore, I would hope that some of the readers will look at and work smartly to create
    opportunities for wealth creation. Somehow, I never hear this come out of the mouth of Activists that care about Black people. If we increased the
    Financial sophstication substantially, we would certainly change the gambling habits of poor black folk. It is for this reason that I’m encouraging everyone to shun and shame Lottery players. We can begin with that and in our own families. Many folk make jokes with statements like you can not get black folk to stop playing lottery. Why hasn’t anyone else had the intelligence, maturity and responsible initiative to come
    publicly to persuade Black/Poor people in Baltimore to just stop it. Folk can say things about young black male pants, though how much is spent on lottery and cigerettes in Black Communities? I’ve never heard this
    mentioned EVER by even some of the so called “Radicals” in Baltimore. Maybe in passing, but just as Cigerettes kills and sucks the blood out of our pockets – so does lottery. If slots come here, more poor black folk will
    raise more hell. I live in a healthy part around the Park Heights area
    and I could imagine more riff raff coming in and breaking into my house
    stealing all of my books, right? Anyway, my position is that the
    Corporate lobby for slots are going to do what they do. It is incumbent
    upon True Thinking leaders to say you can put slots wherever you want,
    but we won’t play them. A wise person knows what power they have and
    what they can change and know what they cannot. Most of the time
    Legislators go along to get along. We need some legislators who are
    independent. Most of them even “NEW” ones are never Conscious and/or
    Independent. For this reason we must look for alternatives. The grass
    roots lobbying, voting and hollering and screaming at big capital
    tends to yield very little results. People respect Power, Wealth,
    Ideology, Consciousness. We must immediately move beyond Negro Politicians thoughts to solving problems to Black Economic Nationalistic position.
    Many have failed to put forward a Black Economic Nationalistic Program.
    Black Conservatives have been hypocritical in terms of suggesting “Doing
    for self”. This is a Michael Steele type of illusion and the Need to
    Grow Dems in Baltimore are just as uninformed – just about 99% of them.
    It is for this reason that although some time should be spent on
    political dailogue, debate and organizing. Until we have maximized Black
    resources, black capital, black time for productive research, analysis and
    nation and cash flow building with the Economic situation more black
    folk are going to die hungry and homeless. Many persons with all due
    respect have approached black people conditions from a limited
    perspective in and around Baltimore. I will be putting forward a True Black Agenda over the next few weeks and months to be implemented collectively.
    You may take it or let it alone, though I will put out the failing
    movements and failing philosophies, tactics and organizational analysis
    that many persons opportunistically and materialistically promote as
    they appear to be progressive though lack historical Black Empowerment,
    Black Self Development and Black Economic, Political and Educational Best
    Practices and Theories. Let me say this. If you have been through K
    through PH.D you have been Miseducated. Matter of fact the further you
    go up the more suspect you become in my book. Its time for the PH.D,
    little D’s, Big D’s and No D’s folk that seem to have some levels of
    Progressiveness to spend some time going through a thorough Black
    Nationalists type of deprogramming, research and analysis. Sorry if this
    offends anyone though it is the truth. I guess we all have to eat and some of us will sell out all black people for a good job. My question is when are you going to get off of the plantation i.e. job working for white
    folk? I personally spend every living hour attempting to do this. I
    want to escape and be free! Don’t get comfortable on their jobs. I
    question ones motives. If you are too comfortable with your nice house,
    nice car and white picket fence I question your understanding of the
    level of potential hostile envirnment that we live in and how we think we
    are safe. Everything is becoming more and more draconian. I hope you all are prepared.

    Haki S. Ammi
    Matah Network
    Visit My NEW Multi-Million Dollar Business Operations and Online Book
    Sales Center.

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