The Glover Report is a opinion column by BMORENEWS.com publisher Doni Glover over the past 6 years. BMORENEWS is based in Baltimore and is a prime resource for anyone seeking to learn more about black political economy. BMORENEWS, while primarily focused on the Baltimore/DC corridor, also covers news on both the national and international level – especially in the realm of business and politics. Our international coverage has included the Caribbean, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Jordan, and China. BMORENEWS is produced by Glover’s multi-media marketing, PR, and consulting firm  DMGlobal Communications. DMGlobal has worked with a number of clients, including political candidates, non-profits, artists, and businesses.


One Response to “About”

  1. Leon Purnell Says:

    While this played out pretty good I think Doni you should not let them know that through unity we can acomplish much more. There were scares that should not have been. I am sadden that not one of the canidates even mentioned the Junea 6 injustice. Doni this is one of the boldest case of racism in sometime. we need to awake up and pay attention to want is going on in this country. Doni please dedicate some of your time to this very important issue. Where is the NAACP????

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