Special session: It’s a bold, daring move … despite critics

One thing is for sure: The state has a $1.7 billion budget gap that has to be closed. We do not know the answers. Slots? Higher sales taxes? Closing corporate loop holes?

Not sure. We are sure that something has to be done.

Maybe Gov. Martin O’Malley has ticked off some legislators with his call for a special session just a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

Taxpayers probably don’t care. After all, this deficit was not solved during the last gubernatorial administration.

Further, as noted in today’s Sun, this is a battle between Mike Busch and Mike Miller – in many ways.

I say, at least O’Malley is being pro-active and attempting to get a jump on an issue that needs a solition – like yesterday.

If there are going to be slots, we’d simply like to see some black ownership and some guarantees for public education in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. 


2 Responses to “Special session: It’s a bold, daring move … despite critics”

  1. “Malley though is making a mistake with this special session. Special sessions don’t work and they can only backfire. Plus these legislators
    are pissed off to be called in just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Bad move.
    Franchot, the black churches, and the Republicans will kill slots.


  2. He should roll it into the regular session that starts in January when he has a receptive audience. When folks are pissed off, they are not apt to help you out of any fix you are in.


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