Black people must vote

For Fannie Lou Hamer’s sake, as well as that of every other person who fought for black people’s rights in this US of A – black people must vote. Today is election day in the City of Baltimore. Regardless of who one supports, it is imperative that black people show up and vote at the polls today. There is no excuse. People can go to the club and to every other place they want. However, the ancestors and elders of the black community implore every voter to vote. Point blank. To not vote is a horrible mistake. Again, black people must vote today in Baltimore for the candidates of one’s choice. Vote, vote, vote! Our futre and that of our children depends on it!  


One Response to “Black people must vote”

  1. Well, People didn’t vote, and you got your sorry puppets elected. Happy? Hopefully, the’ll keep paying you to promote them in their continued neglect and exploitation of the black community.

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