With Mitchell Implosion, Rawlings-Blake Benefits

Correct me if I am wrong. Right now, with Keiffer Mitchell getting pimp slapped by his daddy in front of the class – talking about all eyes on me – Mayor Sheila Dixon might be in more of a position to lend some assistance to the Rawlings-Blake campaign for City Council President.

Tuesday is going to be about flushing out the voters. Black. White. Latino. Korean, even. Tuesday is going to be about who has the money to pay people to do the otherwise incomprehensible. Tuesday is about the best organization, the best teamwork, the best knowledge of the game. It is not, I repeat again, for the faint at heart. Remember, victory belongs to the person – be it Elizabeth Smith, Nick Mosby, or Vernon Crider – who thinks they can and who works like there is no tomorrow. 

In the words of noted photographer J. D. Howard, “You can’t rule where you don’t go and you can’t teach what you don’t know.” 


One Response to “With Mitchell Implosion, Rawlings-Blake Benefits”

  1. This post makes no sense to me. As someone who has been working on a labor of love campaign for Delegate Jill Carter, I know that “paid” people that are out and about working for Shelie Dixon have no loyalty, passion, or commitment to her. I’ll put our loyal volunteers up against hundreds of those paid campaign workers that she and Stephanie have to buy for support because they haven’t earned free support. Now, if you insist thatmy candoidate has NO chance, let me be very, very clear, Stephanie Rawling’s Blake will LOSE. She has NO chance. Her record has caught up to her and it ain’t pretty. People will choose no record Sarbanes, or good record, Harris, over bad record, no personality, Puppet Stephanie.

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