Most anybody can run for office, but not all of them should

Criteria for winning an election: first, one has to be electable – you know, no murders, rapes, or recent B&Es under their belt. Secondly, one needs money to run for office. Without one’s own money, there is the possibility of having the wrong people’s money – like big corporations. Third, one needs a consensus, a constituency, a team of supporters. Next, one has to be organized; unorganized campaigns lose every time. It is not enough to be “for the people.” One must have the basic elements for victory. Otherwise, the campaign would be a waste of time. Yes, people like Jill and Bundley have the community’s interest at heart. But, more is needed. Politics is not for the faint at heart, the weary, the weak, the broke, the unorganized, or the short-sighted. And, for the record, a little charm goes far. Again, this is not about who has the best platform or stump speech. Politics is war, and people play for keeps. Further, blacks are more likely – if history remains true – to look out for blacks. The time for blacks having to wait and – in the meantime – push candidates from other communities is dead and stinking. First, blacks must exhaust the resources already available so as to promote a black agenda. For BMORENEWS, this black agenda includes public education, black business, universal access to healthcare, ex-offender services, and housing. For the record, few if any of the citywide candidates in Baltimore’s citywide races have addressed all of these concerns.  


7 Responses to “Most anybody can run for office, but not all of them should”

  1. Running for office and winning an election are two totally different things.

  2. Doni,

    Again, How can you possibly EQUATE ,twice elected, Delegate Jill P.Carter, and , never elected to any office, two time candidate, Andrey Bundley? The delegate was elected twice, both times garnering more votes than any delegate in the city including long term incumbents. She clearly a constituency that built on more solid ground than just being anti another candidate. Better that you equate prior loser mayoral candidates, Frank Conaway and Andrey Bundley with one another.

    Let me also say that I have been volunteering for Jill Carter’s campaign. You have no idea what she has been up against, the powers, forces, and people that are all around trying to tear her down and destroy her. Her campaign is a lesson in courage and strength. She is a person who perserveres no matter what hardship befalls her. Really, you should stop bashing her and applaud her, better yet, try helping her . I see her every day reaching out to help people. She wants to be mayor because she cannot sit back and watch people’s lives , many I know of in my generation, continue to be destroyed by a city government that cares nothing about them. How do you find fault in that?

  3. Check out this great commentary about Mayoral Candidate Jill Carter on the corner of Pennsylavania and Laurens Friday night. I would post this under the Pennsylvania Ave. story, but this is newer. Ted Smith gets it on Jill Carter and that she is the true leader of Baltimore!

  4. oops, I linked that wrong & i can’t change it!

  5. Yeah Doni Glover, Jill Carter understands MBE more than just about anyone else. Well at least she has a spirit of resistance. No I guess you just beleive that Government is supposed to be about Consensus and getting along. Black Power is as you say not for the faint of heart. We need Ideologues not some diplomats. I’m tired of folk running and not fighting.

  6. This web site has gone to the dogs.

  7. Doni, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. First and foremost, I more afraid of the people who have alot of money to run for office–seems to me they are the ones with big corporations in their pocket. Secondly, how could yousupport people who have, over the past decade and for soe two decades, allowed the status quo. Both Keiffer and Sheila have not been as outspoken on issues as they could have been until this election year. Its sad that you, “a man of the people” could even lower your standards just because you believe that someone, through succession should be entitled to a seat.

    I am a 23 year old man, remember vaguely the administration of Du’Burns, and vividly the administrations of Schmoke, and O’malley. Dixon has been a member of each of these administrations. Mitchell has been through two of them. As far as public safety is concerned, the only thing that has changed is that high rises have fallen, and the rights of law abiding, tax paying citizens have been alienated with the “zero-tolerance” approach. Where was Dixon or Mitchell when people were being wrongfully arrested and witnesses intimidated without adequate protection? Where were they when recreation centers and libraries being closed? Suddenly, there is a need for more recs–in an election year.

    I honestly hope you rethink your position come September 11, 2007. Its the working class members of the community. The people who have experienced poverty and who have overcome adversity that are entitled a right to run. Certainly not people who have held office for years and allowed the city to become as it is, and certainly not people who are in succession because their family are big names in polotics in Baltimore.

    The biggest mistake the 40th district could have made last year was electing Frank Conaway Jr. to the general assembly, and even worse is if someone gets elected to lead our city bacause of name recognition, or succession of their family in polotics.

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