At this point, Harris ought get out of race for council prez

The Glover Report, Vol. VII, No. 13

Appeal to Baltimore’s Black Leadership:  

Dearest Councilman Kenneth N. Harris …

By D. Morton Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – Aug. 20, 2007) – I imagine the following words will lose me some friends. But, that’s okay. For as my father taught me and as my brothers often encourage – my humble lot in life is to ask the tough questions.

As a political analyst, it is also my duty to tell the truth … as best I can.

To follow the light of such torches who have graced our community like the late Congressman Parren J. Mitchell, making friends is not the primary responsibility here, is not the primary task. What’s first and foremost is living one’s purpose. Hence, my prayer is to illuminate the truth.

Having said that, the future of black Baltimore’s political power is at-risk like a person having promiscuous, unprotected sex on Pennsylvania Avenue. And unless black Baltimore’s leadership comes together from every facet of the community – business, professional, faith, community, political and otherwise – Baltimore may not see another black mayor for a very long time.

For whatever reason or reasons, the City Council President’s race – from an objective observer’s standpoint – is truly one for the ages. Additionally, the competition is so tight between Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Michael Sarbanes.

However, when the jade is from a black perspective – not an anti-white one – but from a pro-black and a ‘what’s good for black Baltimore’ perspective: The conclusion is that with two blacks in, the white guy wins.

Again, this is not to say that the white guy in question, Sarbanes, would not or cannot make a good Baltimore City Council President and do well for the city. He lives in ‘the ‘hood’ and has adopted two black sons from Ethiopia. This is noble.

Certain questions, however, do come to mind, though – one has to admit. For instance, why didn’t Sarbanes go for a Council seat first? Just like Andrey Bundley chose to bypass the traditional process of working one’s way up, Sarbanes has done the same. Both, unfortunately, have little experience doing the ‘day-to-day’ of an elected official, especially in a large and complex major metropolitan area. 

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12 Responses to “At this point, Harris ought get out of race for council prez”

  1. Ken Harris, do your thing. Rawlings-Blake, Sarbanes, no difference. In fact, Sarbanes might be better at least he’ll make some decisions without first checking with boss O”Malley. Maybe, Ken will even win.

    You know what, if black people supported candidates that have their interest at heart, and stopped running scared that they would lose and let a white slip in, the candidate that has the interest of black people would win, how about that? Why not hold a GOTV rally or fundraiser for Ken Harris. Why not help the brotha help us?

  2. It seems that all candidates Kow tow to Europeans i.e. Irish or Jewish Interest. It seems that some folk do try to overstep there boundraries and run on what they feel is their divine inspiration or family names. Ken Harris has tried to buck the system at times, but will he be yet another pet of Cardin? I mean will he be for black folk even with Jewish Support? That go’s for all of them. I guess you can not win a major race without some kind of Multi-Cultural Coalition. This is how Black Leaders become watered down like Mfume. I read how he was a Fire Shooter then while in the City Council he had to win a consensus. I’m like whatever. This just means sell out to white folk. This means go along to get along. No rocking the boat, but being controlled. There is not a Black Politican running that has built up enough wealth indepdently to deserve accolades. Either they should also be prepared to build some black wealth for themselves from their token jobs as Mayor or City Coun. Pres. I’m tired of Broke Black Politicians that are not organizing black people for Maximum Empowerment.

  3. Mei Ji Fei Says:

    Ken Harris is the closet we’ll get to an unchecked Black city pres. Yeah he is backed by Cardin, but that is better than O’Malley anyday.

  4. Haki, you are very much on point.

    Nicole, I see you’re still in denial.

    It is very, very difficult to win without money – no matter how strong your record.

    Ken Harris does not have the cash to even make a dent. Mark my word. Nice guy, great record. However, it seems he jumped in the race without good counsel. Good advisors would have had him read “Art of War.” Then, he would know race was won before it started.

    People, how long do we hold on to a pipe dream? When does reality set in? Before it is too late?

    The black community needs a winner. The basic philosophy here is that nobody is going to do for black folk what black folk can and should do for themselves! White folk vote white given a choice. Jews vote Jewish given a choice. Greeks vote Greek and Irish vote Irish – but black folk seemingly get caught up into some utter cow feces. No other ethnic group is confused: Koreans, Indians, Latinos. Everybody else gets it. That is why Broadway is the new 20 for Latinos – in a majority black city.

    Black people have to begin to believe in each other. It is easy, furthermore, to sit off to the side and throw rocks. But, the black community can not afford such bombardment. The black community is already fragmented, with certain blacks bending over for other ethnic groups.

    Blacks are never going to agree on everything. Let’s get over that and work to push a common agenda – as we have pushed on bmorenews. FYI, to date, no addition have been suggested.

    Therefore, it stands thus far that blacks need the following – at least as a start: Support on – *business, *public education, *ex-offender services, *universal access to health care, and *housing.

  5. comment from lks…..

    you are working on the assumption that there is a “black interest”
    that both candidates agree on here.

    let’s take the example of an average block in ashburton. everbody on it is black…but you’ve got two groups. you’ve got renters who want to keep their rent low, and you’ve got owners, who want to increase their equity.

    giving that block a historical designation would increase the equity in the neighborhood…and you know that black people need wealth. but at the same time it increases rent…and black people need affordably housing.

    each group–the homeowners and the renters, can lay claim to the “black interest.” but those “black interests” are opposed to one another. which one wins out? how do you determine this?

    the “white threat” in this case is not (and probably SHOULD NOT) be enough to get one of the candidates to bow out, if indeed those candidates represent different slices of the black population.

    and even if they don’t…the question in this case boils down to “what does the loser get?” that is to say, what does the individual who took one for the team get?

    and on top of all this the question is who supports drug legalization. let’s say that the white candidate did…if this were the case why should the average black voter vote against him?


  6. Thanks Glover,

    My critiques of Mr. Harris’ support of Cardin previously should not be construed to mean that I think that Ms. Blake represents the interest of black people. Yes, Ken Harris could and has had more progressives positions though again if we look at RACIAL analysis his position for Cardin over Mfume could be construed as selling out. Anyway, It really does not matter to me one way or the other. I’m not convinced that none of the Candidates running for any office have a total black agenda. Well I think some are more closer than others and some will even stand up for Black men in Baltimore more than others like Jill Carter. I think that as many have been taught though to target old black woman average age 58 then you will win. This means that black men do not have anything coming. This effects black men ability to provide for themselves when they can not get employed by the system. This is why we need for informed individuals/Independent. Unfortunately, we have candidates that promote a lockem up Policies fro young black men. Kenneth Harris since he is a young black man should understand the plight of black men and to work with the REAL black leaders like myself that are putting out REAL RESEARCHED solutions. I do not hear the right things being said. As you have said in this article Doni everyone has their own Economic “Interest”. Some folk interests are tied againsts the masses of black people. Take for instance Black Lawyers. Black Lawyers interests are almost always against the interest of the Masses of Black people. We must always question their Class interests. What is needed is a Black Nationalists, Economically Empowered, Politically sophisticated and Organized Analysis. This has been missing from radio, forums, summits as well as from Bmore News. All we get is just vote. We do not get True Economic Empowerment! Even those Black Middle Class in Baltimore do not have a plan to empower and bring up a few other brothers and sista’s. This is why I’m calling for on Sept. 12th a Black Empowerment Post Election “Detox” Business Opportunity Dailogue at Everyone’s Place Bookstore. You are all cordially invited to listen to smart work being done. Many folk have thrown away alot of time and money. No one has done any studies while making up flyers and having big signs. Black folk that are supporting these Candidates have become more and more dumb and more backwards. Unconscious, Unresearched, Miseducated, Self Hating Black Politicians will not change a thing. At this event I will be giving EVERYONE Pay raises. This is called organizing and True Leadership. This political season has divided more black people amongst class lines than anything else. People that has been quasi allies are now calling each other names and for one, a damn job managing white folk money and contracts. Its not even worth asking Ken Harris to not run. All we do is create more disunity. Political Office is not that deep of a position for us to spend that much time. I do follow though it is becoming more and more useless, though I have to let these negro’s know that we see what they are doing with our tax dollars that I for one WANT and will GET! Sambo Church Leaders are the other Traitors that have destroyed black men in service of white supremacy.

  7. Doni,

    I am not in Denial just because I do not agree with you. With a black like Rawlings-Blake, I would just as well take Sarbanes–at least then I’m not confused or misled. Rawlings-Blake brings nothing to City Hall for black people except the color of her skin. Why just look at her. Examine her record. She has been touted the “laziest” member of the city council. One would have to be reeeeeaally lazy, catatonic even, to win that title. My question to you Doni is why do you keep promting black faces that do not represent the interest of black people, like Blake andDixon?

  8. Dearest Nicole, Greeks vote Greek given a choice, Jews vote Jewish given a choice, Irish vote Irish given a choice. Not that they won’t vote for another ethnic group, but just not when they have one of their own.

    Secondly, if you like winning, you need to look at likely winners. Your view for now is skewed because of your love for your candidate (Jill P.). Understandable and commendable. However, c’mon. C’mon now, Nicole. Sis! I’m reaching out to help. It’s not that she doesn’t have some of the best ideas. Not that at all. It’s just that most times you need some basics to win. Andrey got 32% – but remember, there were no other contenders. Frank Conaway bowed out.

    Now, if Frank and Andrey and Jill could come together, a change would occur.

    Also now. Keiffer – if the TV ads are correct – seems to be the nearest threat to Sheila. Not Jill. not Andrey.

    Finally, a guestimate I received today suggests the number of black voters are not what they used to be. Blacks may represent less than earlier reported…

  9. Why not ask Stephanie to withdraw??? She has been by far the most
    lackluster candidate of any running for mayor or council president. She would be absolutely nowhere if her last name wasn’t Rawlings. Pathetic leadership, terrible campaign. The laziest person in recent memory on city council. Ken Harris has at least established himself independently as someone with some leadership potential. If Stephanie is a leader, the followers are in great trouble. You seem be a mouthpiece for the continuation of the ineffective leadership in this city. Sheila Dixon has shown herself to be totally ethically compromised and Stephanie is simply a terrible candidate. Electing the two of them would simply set the stage for four years of marching sideways. We need new leadership in this city.

    Charlie Metz

  10. Greetings all,

    I have a question Doni, What has Stephanie Rawlings done for black people? Maybe I’m just unaware? Well I know her mission is not to create some black millionaires because she is not one herself nor does she have goals to become one. Maybe I’m just a little too critical, but I think that elected officials should have their financial house in order. Anyway, This election is divisive and it is NOT at all worth it. Black folk fighting and squabling over crumbs. There are other ways gain true Power, Respect and to reduce crime, build wealth. We need SERIOUS leaders. Look at how you and Nicole are fighting. It is not worth fighting. The Black Power i.e. token political power has been diluted this election season by all of the candidates that are running. My sista Nicole, I personally am quite politically aware and this race and not any race is the end all be all. I believe that too many people have spent too much time and money on this election. There is not enough studying going on and most of the mainstream opinions of “Black Political” advisors and consultants is quite limited and comes from an integrationist political position that keeps black folk as a semi-Internal colony. Black folk should know by now that Integration has failed. We need true leaders that will not sell us false promises of Progress. We need unapologetically black “THINKERS”, READERS and WORKERS. I tell you both what, I have been Networking in the P. G. County area as well in D.C. so I have allies elsewhere though I cordially invite both of you to Everyone’s Place for a Black Empowerment Post Election “Detox” Business Opportunity Dailogue. We need more intelligent voices speaking not continued mentally lazy, Economically defeated persons. My position is there are more ways. Have anyone of you heard of “K” Street Lobbyists. Well I know you have Doni so I’m simply saying does one have to be an elected official to get real power? This election is too divisive and whoever wins will have to give up so much in order to win as well as give up so much in order to serve white capital, white voters and not to offend white folk. We are going to have some bitter and sore losers that “May” not want to work with the new Mayor. Regardless of who wins I will continue to elevate on every level and this is what I will be teaching on Sept 12th at Everyone’s Place. Again, I encourage you all to REALLY study. Yes YOU TOO Doni! Stop playing this political game like a defeated child. Stop jumping on bandwagons for crumbs. Tell that to your other colleagues as well. Tell them I said develop a REAL Wealth Strategy for themselves and for their race. How about telling them all to spend some hours, days weeks months at Everyone’s Place. Tell them stop being “Petty Capitalists” recieving “CRUMBS” from Massa and Organize the Masses of Black people for collective RACIAL Empowerment, Wealth, Power and TRUE political Empowerment. Other than that they and you are playing childish games waiting for white folk to not need and feed you any more. Right now and if you talk to Rawlings Blake, Dixon and anyone else they all need to be there and Listen to what I have to say. Other than that they are Negro Traitors!!!

  11. Doni, you are off on this one. when Harris did mistakenly hre his mother-in-law, he corrected that. When Harris wouldn’t support the convention center hotel, he convince the council to get 9 million towards rec centers and 3 million in scholarships. Where was Rawlings Blake, except besides O’malley saying, whatever you say boss? Where was Sheila, except getting contracts for her friends and getting her family hired at city hall? I have nothing against Sarbanes or Harris, but lets be real, Rawlings is a rubber stamp for both O’Malley and Dixon. Where is her backbone? For the rest of you, lets get this right–this is not a black or white issue. We should not look at someones skin color to dictate their concern for the citizens of Baltimore, not that I support Sarbanes, because I feel Harris is a better fit, but we gotta stop playing that, “the white man” card.

    Lastly Doni, I know you are not letting a Sun Poll dictate your decision. I mean 600 voters out of over 500, 000 citizens is hardly an accurate poll. Not only that, but we all know that the Sun and other media outlets are all biased towards the candidates with money. As I understand it, when you polled callers on your show, which happen to be professional black voters, the majority supported Ken Harris and Andrey Bundley. I’m assuming your poll is not as accurate as the Sun Poll.

  12. Jamaal, let’s do lunch. I like your heart. Maybe we can come to some understanding.

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