Dearest Nicole: Didn’t try to be rude to Jill

Apologies, Nicole, if you truly believe I was rude to Jill Carter at the Empowerment Temple citywide candidates forum on Thursday. That certainly was not my goal. As she is your candidate, however, I truly appreciate your support of your candidate. With love for every woman in my life as well as across the Diaspora, in no way would I ever disrespect a sister.

Jill in this case, as you know, is a candidate seeking votes. Therefore, she was treated the same as everyone else – even when she came out swinging on me. Why? Her statement was that I said she is not a consensus builder. I stand by this. Yes, she can get things done. However, party politics is about team ball, not about what an individual – such as Jill – has done. Let her tell it, nobody has done anything. Except her. Also, from my vantage point, she focuses too heavily on the failures of others as opposed to speaking about her legislative record. While definitely staying consistent on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised, albeit noble, she has to be able to get things done. Clinton-Glendening-Schmoke days in Maryland provided good days for places like Sandtown and Historic East Baltimore. Bush-Ehrlich-O’Malley days were not the same. No money came to Baltimore. Our children, however, did have to go and fight in Iraq. So, Nicole – party politics do require some homogeneity, some people on the same page. This means Jill will have to be able to work with somebody.

Final comment: It would serve black Baltimore well for Jill, Andrey Bundley and Frank Conaway to go into a room and put their support on one candidate.

Now, that would partially impress me – especially given 5 blacks in the mayor’s race.

One side bar, the Council president’s race is one where we need one black candidate. Any thoughts, Nicole?          


4 Responses to “Dearest Nicole: Didn’t try to be rude to Jill”

  1. Doni,

    I appreciate your response. A lot of people said you were unfair to the delegate and disrespectful (including the guy with the twisties that stood up and said so). So, perhaps you could just pay a little more attention in the future. What you are saying about Jill Carter is also not true. She’s all about solutions. She’s been in office since 2003, Sheila Dixon and others have been in officwe for 20 years, and some for more, how can you look at the state of the city and with a straight face claim that ANY of them have brought about solutions. Here’s someone who’s actually paying attention to Jill carter, and not just looking to be critical:

    This blogger is correct. Jill Carter would be the best mayor, and if it’s so important to you, why don’t you ask the other candidates to get out of the race and support her. Honestly, what more do the any of the others bring to the table?

  2. Donnie,

    If we only need one black candidate for city council president. Why don’t you call Stephanie and ask her to drop out? Since you like calling candidates and askng them to drop out. Son.

  3. BTW, I disagree about the city council president race needing one black or the mayor’s race needing less blacks. “Black” should mean those that represent the interest of, or deliver results for, black people. That is how I view the race issue. I do not consider Sheila Dixon or Keiffer Mitchell, or Stephanie Blake, and a host of others “black”. Having them in office has not matter ed for “black” people. Blake is no more “black” than Sarbanes. Dixon, no more than Shaefer or O’Malley when you look at their records. .

    I’m sure you will not agree, but here’s my take:. If Dixon wins, she probably will get in trouble and have to leave office, so we should be working as hard as possible to cause her to lose. Keiffer is a total waste. He’s already sold out to the FOP and his campaign financeers. Plus, he’s shady on the handling of money. Bundley is a nice man, but he doesn’t attract all kinds of voters, and he has no experience, and a questionable ackground as Walbrook’s principal. Conaway is too old and just not impressive. In my opinion, Jill Carter is the only real choice. She has proven that she’ll do the right thing all the time, which, to me, makes her a leader. She attracts a lot of white and black voters, young and old. If Jill were mayor, it really wouldn’t matter who becomes city council president. Blake is the worst. She woul d take all her order s from O’Malley. With the extent of O’Malley’s control of Blake, I’d be afraid to have her ther without Jill as mayor keeping her in check. I’m sure you don’t agree with me which goes to why we can’t come together in this city and agree on one black candidate for mayor or anything else.

  4. You know, Everyone seems to have some good points. Doni, You know that no one may not get out of the race. I personally do not believe that who is mayor has a bigger effect than the organizing efforts of the people. Just as they are elected if they go too far they can be removed. There needs to be pressure from all angles. I have a question though Sheila Dixon’s record for MBE “of course” is questionable. Why are Black Business Leaders i.e. Haysbert, Frazier and Jolivet supporting her. I think folk should just be neutral and fight. Doni, I’m suprised because you normally would speak out against and/or for the MBE program. Maybe I haven’t heard you or maybe I do not know all of Ms. Dixon’s record though word is she is not going to reach out and create more black millionaires like myself that are building our wealth daily and weekly. I do not have that old money as many speak of like those other black folk that endorse her and may get a few crumbs by being front businesses for white woman. Maybe I guess that is the hustle then. I guess that is the way to for black folk to get ahead? Find a white male or female to front for???

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