O’Malley, Cummings, endorsements and … Sarbanes?

Well, the pace is picking up. Tomorrow, Gov. Martin O’Malley and Rep. Elijah Cummings will put their support out there for Mayor Sheila Dixon. Dixon, who according to the Sun has about $700k in cash on hand vs. about $200k by a nose-diving Keiffer Mitchell, is essentially assured of victory in September 11th’s primary.

Also, City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, daughter of the late Delegate Howard “Pete” Rawlings, and Mayor Dixon have joined forces. Touring city parks yesterday, the two are officially working together for victory.

Rawlings-Blake’s campaign, however, is – according to the word on the street – having an image problem.

The common man and the pundit alike want to hear more about her vision for the city. They seemingly want to hear more than a spiel on working together with the mayor.

New politico/City Council President candidate Michael Sarbanes, on the other hand, was recently reported as viewing the Council president job as one that ought be independent.

For whatever reason(s), this message is increasingly getting through to people.

And, so as to not leave out of this discussion Council President candidate Ken Harris, here’s a thought. If his numbers from his pollers suggests that he is destined to win (remember, a recent Sun poll gave him only 8%; Rawlings-Blake had 26%; Sarbanes – the newcomer – garnered 27%), that message needs to get out much more. One could arguably contend that like Mitchell, Harris’ plane is landing and not soaring.

On the other hand, if Harris is in fact losing the numbers game and on his way to political retirementville, then will he bow out and put his support on another? Hell, he could possibly broker a deal and get a reprieve back to the political world as did now Deputy Mayor Salima Marriott.

All this to say, blacks in Baltimore have a lot of maturing to do. If black politicos do not, however, get their acts together, a Michael Sarbanes or similar candidate in the future will do what black politicians have seemingly stopped doing: gettin’ with the people.

Any candidate running ought be as much in tune with the people as they are with their political backers. To do otherwise is suicidal.    


2 Responses to “O’Malley, Cummings, endorsements and … Sarbanes?”

  1. Ori Toussaint Shabazz Says:

    fake pollsters are making way into the minds of baltimoreans. to trust wjz or sun papers for poll result is risky business.

    mainstream media is controlling our minds. if mainstream media says harris is losing then we say harris is losing. if medias says so and so is winning then we say so and so is winning.

    we must think for ourselves. don’t let media lead our discussions about this election.

    the media is lying. bundley is leading the election. voters for bundley are from different demographics. ken harris is doing good too.

    don’t say you like bundley but…,your doubt is based in the heavily biased media reports.

    the media is lying.

  2. The media is lying, but Bundley leading? Uh, I don’t think so!

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