The Sarbanes Candidacy for Council Prez: Suspect?

Is it arrogant for Michael Sarbanes to have forsaked going through the City Council process? Meaning, should he – like people have said of Andrey Bundley – been better served by first entering into local politics by running for a district seat. Everybody knows Sarbanes’ dad is a household fixture in Baltimore, even among older blacks. Hence, name recognition for the younger Sarbanes is a given.

So, has Sarbanes cashed in on this? Or, does he really care about the city? After all, his competitors – Stephanie Rawlings Blake and Ken Harris, both of whom are black – have put in serious time on the Council.

Further, for Sarbanes to suggest they are the problem, could also point fingers at our former City chief – now Governor … Martin O’Malley.


One Response to “The Sarbanes Candidacy for Council Prez: Suspect?”

  1. Anything would be better than that wet blanket- Stephanie Rawlings Blake, who has similarly been given the job based on her family. SMOKING BAN?! WHAT ABOUT THE MURDERS!?

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