Keiffer, while it’s not your fault, it’s your fault

There is no test run for life. Although Keiffer Mitchell’s dad made the mistake, the question emerges: How can you run a city when you can’t even run your own camp?


5 Responses to “Keiffer, while it’s not your fault, it’s your fault”

  1. Ok, I guess I’ll take the plunge on this one too. It is Keiffer Mitchell’s fault. If Keiffer “Thieffer” were mayor, and this city finance director stole $56,000 from the city, whose responsibility would that be? The mayor’s. Keiffer and his father have been handling his campaign accounts for years. Word is that they’ve been dipping into it for years. That, I don’t know, but hopefully the truth will come out. I do know this man is not fit to be the mayor of Baltimore. His story “excuse” is lame and I, for one, do not trust him. If anyone should withdraw from the race, it’s Keiffer.

  2. Poor Keifer,

    You know he is a stand up dude though he does go along to get along. He painted himself as Anti-Establishment. What does he mean? To me the establishment means white males? Mr. Mitchell Sir, You are not a threat to the Establishmment, You are Mr. Establishment. Your Cuz on WBAL is quite Establishment now.

  3. keiffer is a good guy. people, however, do wonder why he threw his dad under the bus. his might be the fumblingest campaign out there. now the pit bull has been hired. time will tell if he will make a difference for mitchell. to his credit, keiffer has raised a lot of money. bet not a lot comes from black community. if they did, his message would be blacker.

  4. Doni,
    What “good guy” would throw his own father under the bus? IMHO, Keiffer is NOT a “good guy”. He is a pretty mediocre politician who keeps copying off of Jill Carter and Andrey Bundley. He and Sheila do this. I’ve been at the forums, he and Sheila would barely have anything to say if they didn’t cop from their competitiors. Now, to me, this is theft. Stealing the words and ideas of others. Would a person this dishonest be dishonest with money and campaign finances too? Question in my mind. And I think I know the answer. Some of the old folks say, his dad was covering for him. Who knows.

  5. Keiffer Mitchell Jr. is a joke and also is his father. They live off of the Great Parren J. Mitchell’s name. If it wasnt for that they would probably be nobodies. Mitchell is no better than the other candidates running. We havent even decided who’s going to run yet and his father is mis-using funds. “What a good sign.” This city has had its share of missing funds. They ask Barrack Obama the question, “Are you BLACK enough.” They need to ask Keiffer Mitchell Jr. that question. He cares very little about the Black Community. Probably, didnt even attend Baltimore City Public schools. His uncle was a true Civil Rights Activist. The new generation of Mitchell’s cant relate to that. Glad this got out before it was too late about what his father did.

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