Mitchell Campaign Implodes Over Mis-spending of Campaign Finances

The Baltimore Sun reported today that Baltimore Mayoral hopeful Keiffer Mitchell’s campaign stated that Mitchell’s father, a medical doctor, used some $40k from the campaign for personal purposes.

As an entrepreneur based in Baltimore who deals directly with a plethora of public relations clients, this is a slap in the face.

All too often, I have heard candidates – including those already elected – claim they have no money for advertising, for consulting, for PR.

Well, stories like this lend very little understanding. Such stories could even make one bitter.

I have said time and time again that black Democrats are cheap. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe SOME people just have no idea of what it takes for a small business to run successfully, particularly black candidates.

For any business to not set monies aside for marketing is suicidal, no matter how cheap one is. 

In any event, we, at DMGlobal Communications, will continue to grow, working primarily with those who do, in fact, “get it.”

On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of helping question Mitchell and two other hopefuls at the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce meeting at The Forum, a black owned establishment. The 2 others were Frank Conaway and Andrey Bundley.

Honestly, the only one who seemed to understand the needs of black business was Bundley. Mind you, this mayoral forum was put on by the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce – a collection of “like-minded” individuals focused on growing their businesses. Hence, for any candidate to show up and have no idea of the needs of the dozens of business owners present was ludicrous. And for news to come out a day later that Mitchell’s camp is misusing people’s hard earned money is even more ludicrous.

One has to remember the unspoken rule: Political candidates must have their house in order. Once you’re out there, it is too late.

In Mitchell’s case, the alleged acts of mispropriety happened during the campaign. This points to a certain sloppiness by a campaign that has not turned down opportunities to attack Mayor Sheila Dixon.

Umm, mm, mm!

Before you go tearing down somebody and picking the twig out of your neighbor’s eye, make sure you don’t have a Lincoln log in your own eye.

Interestingly, Mitchell’s campaign had been thus far unscarred – unlike the campaign of his cousin, former State Senator Clarence Mitchell, IV. It appeared that Sen. Mitchell could not escape being connected to political mistakes made by family members.

But, it is as if the Kennedys of the black community too have a hex.  



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