Baltimore City: Prison prep or college prep?

Crime! Crime! Crime! Is this the reason so many people are running for office in this year’s citywide races in Baltimore? Nope! It’s really education, or actually the lack thereof. Of the brain surgeons analyzing this city, it seems few are putting the blame on public education in Baltimore. Baltimore is the least funded school jurisdiction in the state – and the one with the most problems. So, in short, if you are not breeding good, solid citizens – then you are developing future criminals.

The main issue, for me, is education.


One Response to “Baltimore City: Prison prep or college prep?”

  1. etarredrum Says:

    No candidate is talking about schools because no candidate is trying to make promises they can’t keep.

    Mayors and Council Presidents and Councilmembers can’t deliver on any of their promises because the school system’s power is so decentralized. No way to fire the teachers with no business being in a classroom, no way to hold the North Ave. bureaucrats responsible.

    There are young people trying to start careers in teaching, and bringing their education and energy to bear, but the school system is so stagnant and stifling that innovation and ideas and independent thinking are choked to death in the cradle.

    If the kids are not your top concern, you have no business working in the school system. It’s well past time for some folks to clean out their desks.

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