9/11: 5 blacks for mayor of baltimore, 2 for prez

for the life of me, i cannot fathom why 5 blacks – sheila dixon, jill carter, andrey bundley, keiffer mitchell and frank conaway – are running for mayor of baltimore.

even more, i cannot understand either why stephanie rawlings-blake and ken harris cannot come to terms on who should run for the council presidency, knowing that michael sarbanes is just waiting on deck and additionally knowing the history of an increasingly white voter base in baltimore. according to maryland’s dean of business, raymond v. haysbert, sr., the white voter base has grown substantially since 1999 and that the black voting bloc has significantly been reduced. hence, blacks do not have the votes they think they do.    

the conundrum in both cases is that a pete rawlings and a clarence blount are no longer around.

they were bosses who knew their day role, bosses that made things happen.

the fact that there are so many candidates in baltimore’s citywide races, for me, means that the leadership of the past – or at least similar leadership – is truly missed.


4 Responses to “9/11: 5 blacks for mayor of baltimore, 2 for prez”

  1. who will get out of the race for mayor, council president of baltimore city council? go to bmorenews.com and vote today!


  2. BMORENEWS’ poll suggests as of July 2nd that one person who ought leave the mayoral race is Frank Conaway. Go to bmorenews.com and vote.

  3. I think it’s important to keep our eyes on the vision of the candidates because being Black is not enough. I want to know what they stand for and do they REALLY care about the people. I voted on bmorenews.com. Keep the topics coming!

  4. Bro. Cliff Says:


    I’ll make this one short.

    This is a case of EGO trumping VISION.

    Just as you sometimes have to take the microphone out of people’s hands at a party because they simply don’t know when to shut up, you sometimes have to find ways to let the career politicians (“politics”: from the words “poly” for many and “ticks” for blood-sucking creatures) know that their lust for more power, fame, or simply the opportunity to try to tell others what to do is simply not enough. Unless you have a real VISION and a PLAN that you can show the people, you really just need to sit down and leave the organizing to the organizers, the planning to the planners and the leadership to the leaders.

    Not as short as I’d planned, but I hope I made my point. VISION, not EGO!

    Keep up the great work Doni!

    Bro. Cliff
    KUUMBAReport Newsletter

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